Product Features

Your Own App Dashboard

You’ll get access to your own dashboard, this will make it simple for you to access your apps features & view analytical reports


Send Notifications

Your app will have built-in notifications, meaning you can send push notifications to keep your customers updated on special offers or new products.

Loyalty Rewards

Allow your customers to earn loyalty points when buying your products or services, with a reward for their loyalty, our digital loyalty card feature helps retain and reward your best customers.


Show a little love for your customers, send them coupons for discounts and rewards to show them how much you care. You can even offer a welcome reward just for signing up within your app.

Use Geofences to send automated Notifications

By harnessing the power of location data you can send automated notifications to the users of your app

Packed with features to boost your business

We’ve made sure that your app will contain awesome features to help boost your business by increasing brand awareness, building customer loyalty & offering rewards to keep your customers happy

500,000 Push Notifications per month

Included in your monthly plan are 500,000 push notifications, which you can use to notify your customers of special offers, events or exclusive rewards, it’s as easy as writing a message from your app’s back office!

Digital Loyalty Points Card

Give your customers something back for their loyalty, everyone already knows how loyalty cards work, but now you can offer a simpler and more effective solution to allow your customers to earn points each time they purchase products or services from you.

Choose from a number of validation processes to suit your business, we provide you with a QR code which can be scanned from within your app at the point of purchase enabling your customers to collect points and in return receive a reward.

You choose the number of points required, the value of each point and the reward.

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